"Fab class, would recommend Josie as her teaching style is calming, informal but informative. Josie's enthusiasm and passion for yoga is clear to see and I always leave feeling chilled and calmer" - Jo

Enjoy Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra classes in Bristol!

Yoga is much more than making shapes on a mat. It is a practice steeped in Indian history, dating back thousands of years. My hatha yoga classes encompassess mindfulness, breathing well, relaxation and asana (postures) - strengthens, tones and builds flexibility in your physical body, whilst supporting your emotional & psychological wellbeing. 

Yoga Nidra is a practice that is restoring and deeply relaxing - so important for modern day living.  

Why practice Hatha Yoga with Josie?

We live in an increasingly busy world full of deadlines, pressure and expectations. Yoga can provide a space  to slow down, connect with our body and breath, which has so many potential health benefits, such as;

Builds muscle strength & tone

Increases flexibility

Reduces stress

slow a racing mind

Improve sleep

Feel calmer - less irritable / angry

Improves energy levels

Improves posture

Improves mood & energy levels

Reduces pain

I encorporate mindfulness into my teaching and I beileve a balance of effort and ease is essential. I am passionate about making my yoga classes accessible for anyone who has an interest in yoga.  Being able to touch your toes is not nescessary!

Yoga Nidra Classes in Bristol

To keep our health & wellbeing in balance we need both activity and rest. Modern day life promotes activity over relaxation - Yoga Nidra is a meditative, relaxation  practice designed to restore body and mind - this can be done as part of a class or in it's own right. It's a wonderful practice with so many benefits.

I offer a montly Big Chill class on Fridays at Yogasara in Bristol - this always includes Yoga Nidra- see Yoga Nidra page for more details.