Bristol Yoga Class Locations and Cost

I offer a range of classes at several different yoga studios in Bristol, teaching both Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

I have a mindful and nourishing approach to teaching yoga. Practice using you body and mind to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and worry, and improve sleep, mood and boost energy levels.

There are so many potential benefits of yoga, come along and see how it could benefit your well-being.

Mats and all equipment provided at all venues.


Warmly welcoming anyone, from beginners to experienced yogis!

Drop in prices

90 minutes - £10

75 minutes - £9

60 minutes - £8

45 mins - £7


Buy a Class pass and save.

 BUY 5 and get 1 FREE with ALL classes

£9 class - 6 for £45 - 3 months to use

£8 class-  6 for £40 - 3 months  to use

£7 class - 6 for £35 - 3 months to use

Available at all classes except Yoga Space - on Tuesday morning - prices are set by the studio


Yogasara -   10 – 12 Picton Street, Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 5QA

Hatha  - 10 - 11:30am

£10 drop in or £45 for 6 classes - 10 weeks to use

A wonderful way to start your week, a calming space to connect body and mind. Move, restore and revitalaise your whole being. Leave feeling ready to embrace the ups and downs of your week.





Yoga Space - 10 Park Row, Bristol, BS1 5LJ

10 - 11am - A mindful and nourishing practice. Using a combination of mindful movement, breath awareness and relaxation practices. Finding space slow down in the busyness of life - connecting with body and breath to recharge & revitalise.

No yoga experience necessary - suitable for all levels of expereince.

Drop in £11

5 - class card - £48 (valid for 2 months)

Term - (£8 a class) ask for details


Yogafurie - 201 Ashley Down Road, (nr co-op and college), Bristol BS7 9LD

7:05 to 8:05 pm Hatha Flow - £8 - Class pass £40 for 6 classes - 10 weeks to use

8:15 to 9 pm Yoga Nidra - £7 - Class pass £35 for 6 classes - 10 weeks to use 

Both classes for £12 - suitable for beginners and more experienced folk.



Hatha Flow at  Wilder studios  - 27 - 29 Wilder street, Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS2 8QA

17:45 to 19:00

£9 drop in - class pass £45 for 6 - 10 weeks to use

A minful and nourishing class to build strength and felixibilty in both body and mind.





Big Chill Fridays (Monthly class)

Making time and space to relax and unwind is essential for our wellbeing, there are so many potential benefits,  such as improving sleep, lifting mood, increasing energy levels, reducing worry and anxiety, pain management, boosting immune health, improving digestion & so much more. 

This class is a candleight practice that includes yoga nidra, mindful movement, pranayama & restorative yoga. A perfect tonic to a busy week. 

Come along and enjoy a calm and relaxing sapce to unwind from your week and restore for your weekend. A gift for yourself......

Dates; For 2018 - 16th Feb, 16th March, 27th April, 25th May, 22nd June & 27th July.

Time; 7:30 to 9pm at Yogasara - 10 -12 Picton street, Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 5QA

Price; £12 drop in or book 4 for £40

To book: Spaces are limited - booking is essential. To book your space please  contact me on  07970889401 or email 

Private Sessions

Private lessons can be invaluable in many ways;  if you are new to yoga and want to learn the foundations to gain confidence and a safe practice to attend a regular class or home practice. Or if you  have specific needs, either physically or psychologically and want to deepen and tailor your practice to your specific needs. 

I am studying a two year course in London to become a Yoga Therapsit, specialising in mental health. I will bring this depth of knowledge and passion into the sessions.

Cost; £40/£45 an hour or 5 for £175/£195 - price reflects the venue - options can be discussed.

Yoga Nidras

Individual tailored sessions - as above




Yoga Nidra Workshop

At: Yogafurie - 201 Ashley Down Road, BS7 9DD

On: Sunday 18th February  3-5pm.

Cost: £20 - (Concessions available - please ask)


This workshop is for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the practice of Yoga Nidra. No experience necessary.

Yoga Nidra is a deeply nourishing practice for the body and mind, there are so many potential benefits; 


We live in a busy world with lots of differing pressures towards achieving and perfection.

Slowing down is often viewed as self indulgent, unnecessary, selfish & a waste of time.  However, science is helping us to understand the many benefits of slowing down, coming into stillness & re-learning how to relax body and mind. 


Yoga Nidra is the queen of relaxation, a beautiful way to learn the lost art of relaxation.  It has its roots in meditation - it is an effortless practice which simply involves laying down and getting really comfortable - with the help of eye pillows and bolsters - and being guided through a deep relaxation practice. All you have to do is listen and try to stay awake (although it’s fine if you fall asleep!). 


This workshop is a safe space to practice Yoga Nidra, learn more about its history, different styles, how it effects brain waves and many systems of the body. An opportunity to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of how this yoga practice has the potential to benefit your mental and physical wellbeing & health. 


Please get in contact if you have any questions about this workshop or come along to a Tuesday class at Yogafurie at 8:15 - 9pm. 


Booking is essential - 12 people max. 

To Book or ask questions - Email: or call 07970889401