Yoga Nidra in Bristol

I offer Yoga Nidra classes on Fridays (monthly) in Bristol. I also offer private sessions (1-4) people, to address individual needs. A shorter yoga Nidra is somtimes used at the end of my Hatha yoga classes.  

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra translates as 'sleep yoga'. It is meditative practice and has been described as the queen of relaxation practices. Creating a space or a pause in life, it is deeply nourishing and healing for the body and mind.

How can Yoga Nidra Help me?

Modern day living is increasingly busy and  making time for meaningful relaxation & rest can be viewed as weak and selfish, rather than beneficial and essential for our wellbeing. To be in balance we need to find balance.

Yoga Nidra has many potential benefits for wellbeing;

  • Improve sleep
  • Improve mood
  • Increase energy levels
  • Pain management
  • Reduce worries & anxiey
  • Reduce irritability 
  • Calm a racing mind. 
  • To boost creativity



What do I need to do?

I will help you to find the most comfortable position for you. Using blankets, cushions, eye pillows and bolsters - we are looking for 5 star comfort! Once this is achieved you will simply relax into this effortless practice. Whilst your body is deeply relaxed, I will talk you through a Yoga Nidra.

Your intention is to follow my voice - most people described zoning in and out during the practice. Some people find it hard to switch off there own thoughts and realx, whilst others fall asleep very quickly.

You cannot get this wrong, it's different for everyone and changes each time you do it.

No yoga or meditation practice is needed to be able to do this practice.

What happens during the practice?

Some peope find it hard to stay awake and others fall asleep quickly! —

If sleep happens, trust that this is what you need  (many of us are sleep deprived).  In time and with regular practice you will feel more alert during the Nidra.

Some people feel restless, find it difficult to stay still and or feel pain in their body - it's important to know that this can also happen. Just as in a yoga practice it takes time to build strength and flexibilty - here we are training the mind to slow down. This takes practice, so be patient and kind with yourself.

If in doubt ask your teacher for advice.

My Yoga Nidra

A Yoga Nidra practice can be offered as part of a yoga class or be a practice in its own right, usually lasting between  15 - 60 minutes. It can be used therapeutically to target a specific need or as a tool for deep rest and relaxation.

It is possible to deliver Yoga Nidra from books and from the internet. However, the training that I have undertaken has provided me with the skills and understanding to craft my own Yoga Nidras to fit with the group, or to address individual need.

I am a qualified Yoga Nidra Teacher and  undertook the Yoga Nidra foundation and ‘Total Yoga Nidra' Teacher training  with Uma Dinsmore–Tuli and Nirlpita Tuli in 2015. Registered with Independent Yoga Network (IYN).

What some of my students have said:

'A friend told me about yoga Nidra and so I went to one of Josie's Big Chill Fridays, where I have been able to finish off my working week and start my weekend in the best possible way. I've also been attending Josie's weekly Nidras, where, for me, it has developed into a profound practice: noticing my body, my energy, how I might be carrying around life's challenges in different ways, and how Nidra gives me space to allow habitual patterns shift and dissolve. Sometimes it feels like hard work and sometimes it's blissful...each session is so different and I'm learning so much that it permeates into all areas of my life...It's become invaluable to me.  Thank you Josie. (Sarah)

‘I feel very blessed that Josie has introduced me to Yoga Nidra.  It is a wonderful experience and I would love to receive more of it.  I find it hard to relax and am usually rushing around but the effect Josie's practice of Yoga Nidra has had on me has made me realise how important it is to be still and let everything stop.  I have had chronic back pain for over a year and after the third session of Yoga Nidra from Josie, I woke up the next day without being in excruciating pain. The immediate calm I feel after these sessions with Josie  is incredible.  Entering into such a deep state of relaxation is extremely powerful and I believe having Yoga Nidra regularly would bring an interesting journey into my life’ (Rachel)

From helping you find your ultimate comfort to the gentle guidance around "letting go" to relax the mind and body, Josie's yoga nidra sessions constantly amaze, helping me find a growing sense of peace and acceptance, inside and outside of the practice. Thank you so much!' (Mick)

I love love love Yoga Nidra!’ (Clare)

Bristol Yoga Nidra Classes & One to ones

Big Chill Friday - Monthly Friday class at Yogasara - booking is essential (see classes page for more detail). Yoga Nidra is an important part of this practice.

Yoga Nidra can be used in small groups or on a 1:1 basis. Private sessions allow for the Nidra to be designed to meet your individual needs. Yoga Nidra can have many therapeutic benefits, it can be used as a coping strategy for anxiety issues, reduce stress, it can improve sleep, increase energy and help with pain management. As well as a range of other health benefits.

Yoga Nidra Class Costs

  • Private sessions (1-4 people) - £40 for 1 hour
  • Group of more than 4 - please ask
  • Block of 5 sessions - £175/£195 - price reflects venue hire.

If you would like to book or ask more questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.